Maritime Environmental Protection and Preservation is our core business and expertise. The W20 Team based onshore and at sea are specially trained and ever ready to respond and render service to our customers and business partners. We understand our customers’ needs and expectations in managing maritime waste efficiency to conserve the maritime environment so as to comply with the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution at Sea (MARPOL 73/78) and other local regulatory requirements.
Our maritime environmental solutions are specially designed to support the shipping and maritime industry; namely shipping companies, ship owners, ship management companies, oil exploration and oil platform including port facilities and others.
Oil De-Sludging and De-Sloping for ships and port facilities are our specialist capabilities. Each drops of oil sludge or residual discharge that we collect will be treated with the highest standards at our treatment plant in accordance with the Department of Environment's (DOE) strict requirements. Residuals from each treatment will be tested and examined meticulously for environment friendliness before it is recycled for other industry.
Make W2O your esteemed company's maritime environmental solutions Provider today and stay focused on business!


Our mission at W2O is to provide reliable, sustainable and high valued essential environmental solutions to our customers with a deep commitment to protecting and preserving the Earth. W2O provides collection and treatment services for all kinds of waste for customers located at all bases and most ports along the South-Central Coast and the Eastern Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Waste collected will be treated and recycle friendly for the environment with the appropriate strict treatment comply with local and International requirement.


We pursue to be the leading environmental utility group across emerging markets.